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When selling online, choosing the best courier service is the most important part. MBE Mont Kiara would recommend the best courier based on the destinations and items. Besides, we can suggest you a suitable courier service that offers you affordable shipping fees and reasonable reliability for delivery within Malaysia. If your business is taking orders to be delivered to different destinations across the country, you can get help from us to know which courier will be able to fulfil those orders efficiently, without a lot of extra hassle.

In MBE Mont Kiara, we also help packing items for customers. In online business, the right packing is important. Nobody should face the disappointment of products getting damaged during delivery. Good packing prevents your product from bouncing around or gets crushed during transit thus, keeps your product safe during its delivery to your consumer’s doorstep. Also, packing things the right way helps you save money by ensuring that you do not need to ship a replacement product if the originals get damaged. It, at once, keeps your store’s reputation intact as it prevents your customers from receiving damaged products. To make sure this does not happen, get help from our professionals to assess your item’s requirements, choose the right packing materials, and we pack for you.

MBE Mont Kiara does not only assist with delivery courier services, but we also offer hassle-free pick-up solutions for the customers who require daily pick-up. If you need an item to be picked up from your location, we can cater to that need. Our staff will pick your items up from your location and deliver them to your customers. This saves you time from having to leave, load, and unload items, and run to arrange the delivery. This, thus, gives you more time to concentrate on other parts of your business and increase your revenue. The best courier service for your business is one which you can afford and delivers on time. If you are looking for a delivery solution, we were the solution.

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